Sunday, November 6, 2011

The big day!

Yesterday was the most wonderful, informational, crazy exhausting, sweetest, most emotionally draining day ever. I had the opportunity to go the FSA(families supporting adoption) conference and get educated on how to tackle this adoption thing that we are doing head on all while getting the chance to tell my own story as an adoptee. I think that I did ok and was able to relay all of the feelings that I have and then some. You have to understand that I have not talked about these things that I talked about in front of ANYONE ever and so to do it in front of a roomful of people, some being strangers, was intimidating, and a little bit overwhelming. I didn't use my paper. It just came from the heart. Once I got over the first few rocky, non-flowing nervous words, they started to flow out of my mouth and mind and I kinda couldn't stop talking and I really don't ever want to. I want to become a huge adoption advocate. I know that I have A LOT to learn about doing that but I will somehow find a way. I think the whole world is fascinated by adoption and needs to hear everything there is to know about it. I myself can't wait to learn what I don't know!

These two pictures are the first time that I talked. It was the adult adoptee panel where we told our stories and then got asked questions. These two neat people sitting next to me were awesome and seemed like professionals. Their stories were different from mine and so amazing. They made me feel at ease and helped me through telling my story. I loved the kind of support that I was able to feel from them.

These next ones are of the class that my friend Sarah and I taught. She and I kind of live parallel lives and I think she is such a beautiful person all around! She has a really cool story and I am so happy to have met her and have her as my friend now. She has such a wonderful perspective on adoption and it was fun teaching that class with her. She is a rock star!

It totally looks like I am about to flip my class off.....I don't know! All Shane told me was, that I use my hands a TON and I am loud, animated and shake my head back and forth. A lot. I love him.

I can say this. I am glad that it is over and now I can deal with the feelings that I have for adoption. I hope they can grow and develop in ways that I can't even imagine them growing. I love this new chapter in my life. I love adoption. I LOVE being adopted. I love my husband and daughter. I love my parents. I love my birth parents. I have an even more respect and admiration for what a birth mother goes through when she makes the selfless choice to place her child.( if that is even possible my friends ) I am so glad to have had this amazing opportunity. Hopefully I wasn't too "crazy" and they ask me to do it again someday. Peace out. Adoption rules.

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  1. I'm so glad you feel good about how you did, and that it was a positive experience! You have a lot to offer, and I'm sure you were your wonderful self.