Monday, November 14, 2011

It being national adoption month, I have been thinking of things to post that have to do with adoption. I myself and trying to find out all that I can about this subject. I do know a lot but even as an adoptee I am continuing to find out more and more! It's great. So today I am going to post about correct terminology.

Birth Parent's do not "give up" their children.............they place them. <3
It is not Adopted is child who was adopted or person who was adopted.
It is not Adoptive is just parents! Or the Parents who are adopting.

At the adoption conference I learned this terminology. I had NO idea and was using it all wrong. Now that I know, I can use it :) So I don't offend anyone. I love the word place. It just has so much meaning to me now. My birth mother placed me in my home with a mom and a dad and I am SO happy she did. I am just SO blessed and love her.

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